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The History Of Ironbear Martial Arts

Grandmaster Larry Delaney operated a Taekwondo / Karate school in Fort Recovery, Ohio where David Weaver trained. Grandmaster Delaney sold that school to a black belt Mr. Todd McAbee in 2004. Grandmaster Delaney then opened a new school in Celina, Ohio in the Galleria Shopping Center where he ask Darrell Etgen to help teach. A short time later David Weaver began helping out and teaching at this school. After a few months he decided to turn the school over and sell it to Darrell Etgen and David Weaver. In 2004 they became Ironbear Martial Arts LLC and formed a completely new syllabus incorporating many aspects of martial arts as Grandmaster Delaney taught. They also incorporated Taekwondo, Ryukyu Kempo, Shorin Ryu, Kiado, Kali, Pressure Point Techniques, and Jujitsu techniques into this new syllabus. Today Ironbear Martial Arts and Ironbear Karate Jutsu have become an outstanding training curriculum from beginners to highly advanced martial artists.  We have taught seminars, private lessons and classes to hundreds of area martial artists. We continue to train under Professor George Dillman, Grandmaster Alan Shind, Master Shane Lear, Professor T.A. Frasier, Master Jim Starkey, Master Gary Cooley, Master Kwon and many other great teachers. Below is a short biography of Grandmaster Delaney. Without him we would not have been able to have formed Ironbear Martial Arts LLC.


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Grandmaster Larry Delaney is a 8th Dan Grandmaster in Chung Do Kwan Taekwondo and 8th Dan Grandmaster in Shorin Ryu, and is a 7th Dan Master in Ching Sai Do and he also holds certification in Kempo Jitsu, and Judo. Grandmaster Delaney earned his Judo certification in 1977 through Ball State University under the direction of Dr. David Fields; athletic director, and Soonjay Park, head of the Korean Judo Program. He studied with Master Fred Walliser a student of the late Master Myong Kil Kim of South Bend, Indiana. He received his 2nd and 3rd Dan from Professor Rick Clark at Indiana State University. He has been certified a Level 8 instructor through Master Fred Murphy of the Black Belts of the Faith International. Master Delaney has also been inducted in the US National Team / Alliance Black Belt Hall Of Fame under Dr. Thomas; and is a retired Anderson, Indiana law enforcement officer. Master Delaney remains a student under O’Sensei Kenneth Keegan of Kokomo, Indiana. O'Sensei Keegan is a 10th Dan Grandmaster in Shorin Ryu and 9th Dan Grandmaster in Taekwondo.


Other History

The history of martial arts in ancient times, both in Korea and other parts of Asia and Europe at times can be very hard to authenticate, due to the fact that documentation was hard to verify and any documents available at those times were hard to preserve.

I have included several web site links that I feel have excellent text concerning the history of Martial Arts in Korea. These sites are generally broken down into ancient history and recent history. Recent history will deal with the formation of the original Kwan’s in Korea, and the founding of Taekwondo as we know it today. Some of the web sites I've included do have slightly different details concerning the facts. I truly do not know which is absolutely correct. 


A good overall history page

A good history page from the ITF website

A good history page for Karate


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